How does it taste?

Have you ever tasted cleaning products being used at your home. Pardon me for this question but may be your kids have.

Is this picture cute? What comes to your mind seeing this. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Janito weblog

Janito – janitorial and cleaning products for professionals – already brings a very distinct image of the brand and then anything else that is associated with cleaning. Now Janito bring this blog, which, in addition to a simple jingle, is an initiative to draw attention of janitorial and cleaning professionals to get their feed back and what ever is on their minds about our products they use. This blog is an open, free for all board where Janito will share brand stories, new thoughts, and updates that help to keep the janitorial and cleaning professional and other users in the loop. This blogs will be a medium to showcase honesty, sincerity and expertise of Janito cleaning products and customers service.

This Blogs is a two way communication channel. We would like to initiate a conversation with our readers, get their views, feedback and recommendations. And it is you – the end user who can point out flaws and drawbacks that can be rectified to improve the image of the products attached we offer. We hope that personal interaction will help to develop a personal rapport. Besides opening a communication channel between Janito and its users, this blog intends to create a network involving people connected to users.

Join here and let us combine our helpful advice combined with your experience of using our cleaning products. Connections will then naturally follow. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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