How you keep your living spaces clean?

Let me get personal here. If anyone of you is familiar with my own house, then you know about uses of white vinegar there – vinegar and a pile of newspapers to clean the windows in the summer. Have you ever tried that? Vinegar is a natural disinfectant and deodorant, which makes for a great all-purpose cleaner. Mix one part water to one part vinegar to clean anything from windows to computers. It is effective grease solvent.

Lemons are also good natural provisions to keep the house fresh cheaply. Clean crockery, cutlery or brass and copper items with lemon in a moment. (Another recipe I found calls for cleaning brass and copper with vinegar and salt.

Pour lemon juice on white linens and clothes and allow them to dry in the sun to bleach away stains? Other clothes washing-related story is throw a ball of foil in the dryer with your clothes, it eliminates static cling. I also heard that baking soda could be used to clean a dirty oven. There are so many antidotes in circulation when it comes to cleaning. Nevertheless, the times and trends are changing fast. Research and developments in cleaning technologies is offering better choices that are more efficient and time saving.

Looking online, I came across Cappah – a major international brand that manufactures and offers quality cleaning products and was amazed to see what is displayed there. They have everything from Kentucky Mops, Mini Mops, Flap Mops, Button Mops (Elparoll type), Bonnet Pads, Working Gloves and a whole lot in between.

This is not disrespect to old cleaning myths but tell me who will go for vinegar and lemon when you have so much available.

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