Advanced Microfiber

Microfiber was invented in 1950s but the markets saw microfiber products mushroom in 1990s. Only in two decades, a line of microfiber products for almost every cleaning situation is available all over the world from America, to Asia and Europe. Initially, sales of microfiber cleaning products was slow but now cleaning professionals and staff has started to appreciate the benefits of this new advanced fabric and how it can work better. It’s ability to be laundered and reused over 500 times alone makes it stand out amongst all conventional cleaning materials. Best thing is that microfiber has more surface area than standard fibers and since it is a smaller fiber, it can get into cracks and crevices too small for other materials. Microfiber often performs just as well with water as it does with chemicals.

Today, microfiber products include Velcro Back Fitting for Standard Flat Mop, Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop FLUID Microfibre Mop Handle, Damp Mop, Damp Mops, 300 + 6 DISPAD Velcro Pads Free and a whole lot more, and are predominantly used in healthcare and food service markets to reduce cross-contamination. However, many professionals recognize that same benefit of microfiber cleaning when using the product in commercial settings such as office complex or a factory floor.

We try to stay as green as possible with our cleaning products. Did you know that out microfiber cloths and gloves better attract dust particles and give a better end result? . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Janito cleaning is green cleaning

Given the growing awareness about environmental situation and its impact on human beings, most socially responsible businesses are shifting to green cleaning products. Who does not want to play the part in noble cause of environmental protection? Everyone does.

A recent report that crossed my desktop says, “A third of all carbon emissions in the UK come from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity.” But there are things you can easily do to reduce your energy consumption, like switching off lights when you leave a room and not leaving the TV or computers on standby. Change to a green cleaning supplies and use Janito cleaning products. Janito cleaning products are green cleaning products. Janito is putting in big efforts to supply all green products. And that is what makes Janito cleaning a green cleaning.

Best thing is that Janito’s customers can also join in and play their part. This is how? Have your home carbon-neutralised. This is a simple but brilliant idea whereby the amount of carbon dioxide generated by you and your family is calculated and in compensation you invest in reforestation and renewable energy projects. With all the driving we do, did you know how much   global warming gas one single short haul to downtown produces?  Try to plant a tree equal to gases you produce by  driving  in your daily life and  you will end up planting large number of trees. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Cleaning products, you will want to buy online

The advent of modern technologies has changed so many things for good. Janitors no longer do have to scrub floors and other surfaces with what used to be called “elbow grease.” Ergonomic cleaning equipment and efficient cleaning material have hugely increased efficiency of the cleaning process as a whole. Another revolution is the cleaning supplies are available online. In the age when e-commerce is a viable commerce channel, it is possible to buy cleaning products and equipment online. Rather it is recommended that you shop in bulk and shop online. In this way, you can see more, compare and save your time and money. That is not possible for anyone who physically goes to shop.

We at Janito – Janitorial and cleaning products for professionals – are passionate about helping our customers by offering a whole range of cleaning supplies from Soft Bristle Wooden Broom-head to Structocart Trolley All Plastic or a folding plastic safety signs to caution about wet floors at one place.

Janito recommends purchasing supply of your cleaning products, equipment and tools in bulk as it is easy and cost effective. But in case you choose not to stock cleaning products, any of our product can be ordered online. Visit Janito’s Webshop for both professional and consumer orders (not to mention our free shipping offer on all orders above $100). We pride in catering to the janitorial supply needs to commercial, industrial and residential customers alike. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Cleaning process

At Janito, we always assert that cleaning is a continuous process. Cleaning of any kind and type, commercial or residential, involves different steps, from removing foreign elements from a surface, whether it is a restaurant floor dotted with ketchup or window in your bedroom stained with rust pouring out from its aging steel frame. Cleaning products are important items in the cleaning process.  The cleaning products and tools in use during any cleaning process act to breaks connection of the foreign element to the surface, and safely remove it, restoring the surface to its original state – call it clean.

There are many variables when it comes to cleaning process. Foreign elements surfaces vary wildly, and no one could store specially formulated tools for every surface and soil combination. Hence, the cleaning industry has come up general purpose products that work effectively on most common soils and surfaces encountered in any given cleaning application. That is what Janito offers – a fine blend of cleaning tools useful for most cleaning situations.

Janito cleaning products are versatile and suitable for dealing with all possible situations that can arise at homes or in work places. The optimal combination of Janito cleaning products will deliver a truly powerful cleaning solution in any cleaning process. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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What makes Microfiber the best cleaning material?

We are so much familiar with cotton that has been used as cleaning material since ages. Thanks to the development in technology that we have a choice to use Microfiber as another durable and fine cleaning material. Microfiber is synthetic fiber mostly made from polyesters, polyamides ( nylon, kevlar, nomex, trogamide), and or a conjugation of polyester and polyamide. It is then used to make non-woven, woven and knitted textiles that we see being used in various cleaning products.

What make microfiber as the best cleaning material is its characteristics. Microfiber is soft, durable, water repellent and absorbs more. That is why fabric made with Microfiber is commonly used for apparel, upholstery, industrial filters and in cleaning products. And It holds shape as required and is also used for some cleaning applications, because of exceptional ability to absorb oil. As per the research Microfiber material can hold up to seven times its weight in water. By the way microfiber material is also used in manufacturing so many other items like furniture and cleaning it is very easy.

Which is why informed janitorial professional opt for products made with Microfiber? JANITO always recommends micro fiber cleaning products to janitorial professionals. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Why out source cleaning?

Cleaning living spaces, small or large and commercial or residential, is a daunting task and is costly. Most commercial concerns outsource cleaning services because it is cost-effective. It is far easier for specialized janitorial companies to clean and maintain buildings than doing it yourself. Best thing is that you get better housekeeping and it cost less. It also saves a lot of your time and hassle.

Many commercial cleaning companies have come up to meet the growing demand of house cleaning services for all types of buildings, from office buildings blocks to super stores to industrial complexes. They offer regular services as well as occasional (whenever you need it) cleaning. It does not matter whether you have a small beauty parlor or multi story building with corporate suits, you can find janitorial services to take care of your commercial cleaning needs. You only need to find the best commercial cleaning company for you.

Do a bit of personal research, discussion about your cleaning needs with professional cleaners, checking out what leaning products are they using will help you make clean decision about your dirty work. Also find out what cleaning package suites you the best and how you want your cleaning work done. All this is very important because the cleanliness of your commercial office is most of the time the first impression visitors and potential clients see. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Go green, it’s your choice

This is to those who are cautious and make informed decisions about which cleaning products they use. Everyone knows about harmful effects some cleaning products can have on users, cleaning staff or those occupy living spaces (to work or live) where they are used. On the other hand, there are safe and effective choices that won’t make anyone cough, get sick or worst.

Given the advancements in art of cleaning and growing awareness, green cleaning is becoming the standard operating procedure. More and more cleaning jobs are being outsourced to cleaning companies using green cleaning approach to building maintenance than those not using green cleaning solutions.

This green trend continues to become common, as visible by savvy concerns’ policies which require sustainable cleaning practices. And ss the green cleaning trends become mainstream, so does the increase in the selection of cleaning products and solution considered green. Best thing is that many green cleaning products that were not as effective and were costly than conventional products in the past, now have become as effective as conventional products and now cost just about the same. Janito web shop is the case in point here. Have a look and decide it for yourself. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Janito Cleaning Products

Everyone say that you can tell a lot about the people just by looking at their living spaces. This is true not only for homes but also for work places. Best thing is that new structures are being built keeping in mind the modern cleaning products, technologies and how they work. Wise is to choose your cleaning products supply carefully to make your cleaning efficient. Like homes, cleaning work spaces is a daunting task but essential activity as a whole lot depends on the impression that people form after coming into your premises,

Let me say with my own experience that your own instinct and personality are the best guides that can best lead you on how to keep clean anywhere. Using your own creative and artistic faculties, you can find right cleaning products, companies and services or other solutions in case you outsource your cleaning work. But choosing right cleaning product could be confusing especially when you see a lot of products and services available in the market today all having similar claims. In this state of mind, search the web for best cleaning products and you will sure land at – one of the leading names in the industry that offers janitorial and cleaning products for professionals. I was amazed to see what they offer at one place. Janito products include janitorial supplies, cleaning supplies, cleaning products, paper products, floor care products, carpet cleaners, facility maintenance and office cleaning products to name just a few. Wholesale Janito supplies come in various sizes and quantities and priced at a discounted “wholesale price” to best suit your individual needs. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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