Buy less and save the Earth

Velvet Polish Mop

Being earth friendly is a matter of choice. It is already a conscious concern and a lifestyle for some. With an eye on current trends in sustainable and wholesome living, Janito gives today’s eco-conscious consumers the information they need to live in nurturing, healthy environment as friends of the planet earth.

At Janito, Earth friendly means living wisely and living well, and at the same time, saving a few more trees. You can now save some green when buying green cleaning products. Have a look at Janito cleaning products and see what is on the offer and how buying less can make you earth friendly. Janito’s microfiber cleaning products are a case in point here.

Using Janito’s Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop and other similar cleaning products means being earth friendly. How? Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop’s ability to be laundered and reused over 500 times means you are buying less than all cleaning products made by any conventional cleaning material. What is more, Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop gives fast, efficient cleaning for hard floors without the need for chemicals. Hi-Polish is super-soft to give that extra finishing touch and sparkle to hard floors. Velcro is best fit for any standard flat mop frame. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Floor cleaning

Recently a survey was carried to out to find the general problems in floor cleaning. Respondents came up with different answers from tricky floor layouts and things placed on them to outdated cleaning equipment and a whole lot in between.

All cleaning professionals in the know of the matter unanimously said that the keys to proper floor care are having the right cleaning products and adequate cleaning staff training and proper floors care plan.

At Janito, we continuously work with retailers and cleaning professional to find out what they feel about using our products and how our products are doing on ground. That is what keep us on the edge and we keep improving. Have a look at Rotary Machine Floor Spin Bonnet Pads. They come in a variety of options and they vary based on the type and amount of bristles used. The aggressiveness of the pad depends on the thickness of the pads, which range from fine and soft to thick and stiff. Rotary Machine Floor Spin Bonnet Pads give enough options for most common floor surfaces. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Buying from a wholesaler

Savvy consumer always love to buy wholesale. Reasons: they get better deals. Let me hasten to add that you don’t have to be a retailer (who of course buy wholesale), it just takes a little futuristic thinking and some planning. Here is how?

We know normal consumers who always buy everything from household provisions and electronics to household appliance and cleaning products at wholesale prices.

Simply put, buying wholesale means buying in quantity. For example, you might find microfiber Damp Mop that you like it and also like its price. Buy your requirement for a whole year or buy some for your neighbor and acquaintances. The minimum required purchase from wholesalers is often very small, and you can even ‘resell’ the extras or give others as gifts.

Look online for wholesale prices. There are many online sources of wholesale merchandise. Ask them and you might even get a better deal. This is one way to save a lot of money and hassle. Have you ever tried buying from a wholesaler? It is easy. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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The cleaners

Recently Mintel’s research Household Cleaning Products: The Market—U.S. June 2010 and May 2008 crossed my desktop and the research report says “today more men do most of the household cleaning than ever before. Whereas 17% were masters of the mop in 2006 that figure now sits at 31%. While not as likely to clean as women over half (55%) of men who do feel a sense of accomplishment, almost the same as women (62%). The findings can be mirrored anywhere in cleaning industry.

Analyses of change in the behavior of consumers and their motivations give an edge to offer gender suitable cleaning products. Which is why Janito and its retailers reach out and communicate with men who like to clean as much as women do?

In this day of constant upgrading and smart technology, nearly every aspect of life can be customized with tools to help things run more smoothly. From smart phones to smart homes, families have evolved and now, so can their approach to cleaning. Janitos offers household cleaning products that make cleaning the home faster, easier and more efficient by removing the hassle of carrying around numerous bulky cleaning supplies. Our products are usually aimed at both men as well as women, but it could be time to put men in the focus as new research shows that the number of men wielding dusters and brooms is on the rise. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Sustainable cleaning solutions

It is not every day that a supplier come along and shift in the focus, but that is exactly what Janito – a supplier of janitorial and cleaning products for professionals – is doing. When consumers are tired of cleaning products that were unhealthy and extremely unsafe, Janito is set out to change the way people view cleaning products.

Some long years in business and having a satisfied users’ base all over the world, Janito has been growing rapidly and expanding globally. Using safe materials in its products and solutions, from each strand of Traditional Kentucky Style Cotton Mops to buckets of our Double Bucket Mopping Trolley, Janito has brought retailers and consumers on board to think forward and move to sustainable (call them green), safe and healthy solutions and cleaning products.

Janito focuses on sustainability by being healthy, green and following responsible practices. The household and commercial cleaning industries are not a dirty business anymore. They have become an essential business processes. A whole lot depends on how clean (and green) you look. Janito is continuously moving toward sustainability, health and wellness by bringing in innovations in design and use of material.

By the way, this has been possible due to shift in focus of our consumers and end users. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Unique cleaning situations

In any commercial or residential complex, there are so many cleaning situations. There are so many things to be cleaned every day. Cleaning floors is a challenge for any team of housekeepers. Imagine those wide-open spaces with hard or soft flooring of various heights often crammed with furniture or other different types of permanent fixtures that make job of any cleaner tricky and unique.

With all those different situations to consider, supplying the best floor cleaning equipment to cleaning professionals is, well, challenging to say the least. Cleaning professionals and staff are looking forward to new innovations entering the marketplace as a result of advancements in cleaning technologies and improved cleaning equipment. Professionals demand cleaning equipment with wider configurations, higher-performance and multi-surface applications to meet the needs of many facilities. At the same time users ask for robust and easy to maintain equipment that can be used for longer time.

It is in this milieu that manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning equipment are trying to bring in the best, green as well as cost effective products. Janito is endeavoring to bring the best cleaning products to its old and new (and would be customers) – in ways they want. We at Janito always encourage our clients to discuss their needs and typical cleaning situations with us so that we can bring most suitable cleaning equipment for your unique situation. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Choose the right vacuum cleaner

Those who have ever tried to clean carpets with mops and brushes (yes, I tried it once at home), might sure know the importance of the right vacuum cleaner for the job.

Vacuum cleaners are most commonly used cleaning tools used everywhere. They are an essential part of any decent cleaning kit. There are so many options for consumers to choose from bagless to bagged, dual and single motors, nosy and silent, almost all with similar claims, and that makes selecting the right vacuum for the job a bit confusing.

There are many factors that can help smart choice: size, design, weight, width, users friendliness, budget and also gender of a person who is to use the vacuum cleaner. I suggest you have a look at Janito CVC Vacuum Cleaner while making a choice.

CVC Vacuum Cleaner comes complete with a choice of brush and nozzle attachments, 10m cable, long hose and ergonomic telescopic steel wand, 12 litre dry capacity, 1000 watt motor with triple-filtration for dust-free operations. Strong metal clips secure motor/filtration housing. It gives easy access to integral tool kit and cable store. It is double insulated and has thermal cut-out. Impact resistant polypropylene, protective bumpers and swivel castors.

CVC Vacuum Cleaner is efficient and well suited for most common cleaning operations and anyone can run it. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Right mop for the right surface

Will the auto scrubbers replace the mops and dusters? My answer to that is no. In cleaning business, cleaners will always need a broom and a mop. The auto scrubber is a great tool, especially when used efficiently, but nothing beats a broom and a mop. If it is a small area, cleaners are going to use a mop and broom. If it is a large area or if a toilet overflows in a bathroom, they might pull out their auto scrubber. There will always be a need for both.

In this age, users are looking for what they can do with less work force and still keep things clean. Auto scrubbers are helping them do that. What was done by a team of two or three workers can now be achieved by one person in the same time. But still, auto scrubbers will not ever eliminate the need for mops and brooms altogether.

Mops and brooms are some of the oldest cleaning tools we are so familiar with. Using the right broom and mop can help a lot. Depending on the type of surface being cleaned, expert professional will pick the right string mop or a microfiber mop for the right job. Microfiber, a dense material composed of minute synthetic threads, can get into small cracks and crevices to clean more thoroughly than a cotton mop. Microfiber is also lighter-weight than cotton, thus serving to reduce custodial fatigue when mopping. And while microfiber mop heads may cost more upfront than cotton ones, their cost per use may actually be less because they can be laundered many times — up to 600 times depending on the brand. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Private labels

The concept of private labels has come a long way in last ten years. Private labels mean products manufactured or provided by one company under a retailer’s own brand. In the beginning, private labels were used by retailers as differentiation element, but they have become a sine qua non factor in the portfolio of any player who wants to remain competitive.

The main products chosen for private labels are cleaning products followed by food and personal care products as well as soft drinks, spirits and stationery. Private label products are gaining strategic importance on the agenda of local retailers anywhere in the world. The market for own brand products is estimated to reach up to Euro1.2 billion this year after amounting to Euro 0.9 billion in 2010.

In the beginning, private labels were synonymous with very low prices, as the first such products were positioned on the low end segment. Lately retailers have developed their private label portfolio by targeting new segments. Private labels also mean business opportunities for local companies that go into partnerships with retailers to manufacture such products.

As for the long term strategy, Janito will continue production under private labels as long as there is demand and such partnerships are beneficial. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Janito cleaning tools are users’ friendly

Workplaces and work practices are being refined and changing for good over time. Now innovations and ergonomic designs allow janitors to work more safely and comfortably. Lightweight Mops, ergonomic cleaning equipment, cool looking entrance matting, hygienic brush ware, safety signs, sprayers and pumps, trolleys and carts, vacuum cleaners, waste receptacles are some of the industry’s more prominent improvements.

The science behind user friendly equipment designs is to maximize productivity by reducing operator fatigue and discomfort. Innovations are visible across all Janito product categories. Janito’s Double Bucket Mopping Trolley is a case in point. Complete with two colour coded 25 litre buckets helps control cross-contamination and improve hygiene in colour-coded areas. Itself, it is easy to clean and maintain. Janito has also created longer handles for dusters, enabling workers to reach high areas without strain. There are so many other examples. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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