Where to shop for Janito cleaning supplies?

Janito is the simplest and most cost effective way to order all your cleaning products and equipment, including floor cleaning safety signs. Janito supplies the best cleaning product anywhere in the market. Where you can find or janitorial supplies? You can order direct or visit our supplier near you.

We take a lot of care selecting our supplier. With help of our retailers Janito offers wide range of cleaning material and janitorial supplies for professional. Our products are grouped in categories from Advanced Microfibre, Cleaning Equipment, Dust Control, Entrance Matting, Floor Maintenance, Food Service, Garden Products, Hygiene Brushware, Insect Control, Mopping Systems, Safety Signs, Sprayers and Pumps, Steam Cleaners, Storage and Utility Items, Trolleys and Carts, Vacuum Cleaners, Washroom and Hygiene Control, Waste Receptacles to Window Cleaning tools.

Those who deal with Janito cleaning products are amazed with the end results. We use bio-friendly low odour products that are much safer and more effective than products that are usually available in the stores around any supper market and are safer to be used around pets, the elderly and children. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Insect control in monsoon season

Insect controlFollowed by very hot summer, in this part of the world, we are having monitory spell. Our monsoon season is pretty well big; often resulting in overflow in water reservoirs and rivers. Health department and heat advisories are telling folks to seek shelter at safe places with air conditioning and to drink lots of water and rest often in the shade if you must be outside. Hearing that led me to think about attack of insects, all kind and type, which comes with the monsoon.

When it is raining outside, it is important to keep indie clean from insects. Any kind of insect control system is better than nothing, but it is important to have FogMister fitted with 40cm (16″) extension hose nozzle in your insect control kit.

Janito’s FogMister is mobile and versatile applicators with variable output. It is heavy duty, seamless, safe and rustproof copolymer construction with convenient built-in carry handle. It is easy – fill wide aperture versions with extension hose – 16″ (772/16), 48″ (772/48). Single stage fan produces the micro droplets. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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