A view from my window

Like most people, I love a clean environment at home, in my home office or anywhere else I happen to be. The cleanliness of living spaces I use has a direct effect on my moods, attitudes and quality of my own work I produce. Clean environment makes me more creative at work and happy in life. How to clean your environs and living spaces?

Personally speaking, I never liked cleaning windows because no matter how hard I clean and buff, the windows never appear clean. They remain misty and dotted, especially when the sun shines through them. Same is the case with my car windshield. And worst still, it takes ages to clean all the windows in the home or a car, not to mention the hassle. It is even worst at work places.

Thanks to advances in cleaning technologies and efficient cleaning products available in the market that the awful chore of cleaning windows have become easy. Secret is that have a right cleaning product and save yourself a great deal of trouble. By the way, you will always find it well worth the investing in a good quality, professional cleaning products. A few extra dollars up front will save plenty of time and frustration. Find out what works best for glass and you don’t have to use ammonia, alcohol and vinegar to make your window shine clean ever again.

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