Advanced Microfiber

Microfiber was invented in 1950s but the markets saw microfiber products mushroom in 1990s. Only in two decades, a line of microfiber products for almost every cleaning situation is available all over the world from America, to Asia and Europe. Initially, sales of microfiber cleaning products was slow but now cleaning professionals and staff has started to appreciate the benefits of this new advanced fabric and how it can work better. It’s ability to be laundered and reused over 500 times alone makes it stand out amongst all conventional cleaning materials. Best thing is that microfiber has more surface area than standard fibers and since it is a smaller fiber, it can get into cracks and crevices too small for other materials. Microfiber often performs just as well with water as it does with chemicals.

Today, microfiber products include Velcro Back Fitting for Standard Flat Mop, Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop FLUID Microfibre Mop Handle, Damp Mop, Damp Mops, 300 + 6 DISPAD Velcro Pads Free and a whole lot more, and are predominantly used in healthcare and food service markets to reduce cross-contamination. However, many professionals recognize that same benefit of microfiber cleaning when using the product in commercial settings such as office complex or a factory floor.

We try to stay as green as possible with our cleaning products. Did you know that out microfiber cloths and gloves better attract dust particles and give a better end result?

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