Buy less and save the Earth

Velvet Polish Mop

Being earth friendly is a matter of choice. It is already a conscious concern and a lifestyle for some. With an eye on current trends in sustainable and wholesome living, Janito gives today’s eco-conscious consumers the information they need to live in nurturing, healthy environment as friends of the planet earth.

At Janito, Earth friendly means living wisely and living well, and at the same time, saving a few more trees. You can now save some green when buying green cleaning products. Have a look at Janito cleaning products and see what is on the offer and how buying less can make you earth friendly. Janito’s microfiber cleaning products are a case in point here.

Using Janito’s Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop and other similar cleaning products means being earth friendly. How? Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop’s ability to be laundered and reused over 500 times means you are buying less than all cleaning products made by any conventional cleaning material. What is more, Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop gives fast, efficient cleaning for hard floors without the need for chemicals. Hi-Polish is super-soft to give that extra finishing touch and sparkle to hard floors. Velcro is best fit for any standard flat mop frame.

And buying less means you save your money and a few more trees. No?

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