Buying from a wholesaler

Savvy consumer always love to buy wholesale. Reasons: they get better deals. Let me hasten to add that you don’t have to be a retailer (who of course buy wholesale), it just takes a little futuristic thinking and some planning. Here is how?

We know normal consumers who always buy everything from household provisions and electronics to household appliance and cleaning products at wholesale prices.

Simply put, buying wholesale means buying in quantity. For example, you might find microfiber Damp Mop that you like it and also like its price. Buy your requirement for a whole year or buy some for your neighbor and acquaintances. The minimum required purchase from wholesalers is often very small, and you can even ‘resell’ the extras or give others as gifts.

Look online for wholesale prices. There are many online sources of wholesale merchandise. Ask them and you might even get a better deal. This is one way to save a lot of money and hassle. Have you ever tried buying from a wholesaler? It is easy.

At Janito we offer janitorial and cleaning products for professionals who always buy wholesale but savvy consumers are also welcome. That is where our offer for free shipping on orders over $100 comes in. Anyone is welcome to avail the offer.

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