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What is cleaning? Simply put, it is the process of removing unwanted soil, stains, or undesirable microorganisms from surfaces and restoring that surface to its original condition. Cleaning living spaces lays an important role in our daily lives not only by providing important health benefits to users but also obvious aesthetic benefits by keeping our surroundings clean, protected and free of germs and also by helping to extend the life of our assets.

Janito provides the cleaning products and Janito blog describes the various aspects of the cleaning process, providing an overview of the different types of cleaning solution, and explains how they work. With the expansion of green cleaning, this blog also serves to explain the different environmental, health and safety attributes important to green cleaning products. Readers can give their own opinion and feedback and share various cleaning situations and also set new trends; we always welcome what you need to ask and tell about any cleaning situation. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Janito Disclosure

Janito believes in full disclosure. When it comes to cleaning products, there are no specific regulations for listing ingredients on packaging. But readers here know our commitment for going green and going safe. That is why we suggest full disclosure of ingredient on household as well as professional cleaning products.

Why is this important? This is important due to our transparency policy. Our customers deserve to know what’s in our cleaning products that are offered in the market. How can they make a wise decision unless they know what they are using to clean their living spaces (homes or commercial sites) on a daily basis? Janito feels it is important to include this information so that this information is available to customers while shopping.

What does all that mean to you? The fact is that cleaning products are made from materials that most people may not be entirely familiar with. Janito always suggests that learning about cleaning products is like learning about your own care and well being. If you have questions about any of the materials we use, let us know. Janito will endeavor to answer your queries. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Live green

More and more users are recognizing the importance of living green presently and buyers are generally showing a marked preference towards eco-friendly goods over the past few years. The trend is even more visible in the cleaning products also. With a lot more individuals choosing to make use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, there is definitely room for growth for businesses that manufacture them. Yet, it is important for a consumer to learn how to select a cleaning product that is genuinely environmentally friendly.

Sometime it is difficult to choose the right product that is eco friendly and works well. Even with those cleaning products that do have a list of ingredients printed, you may not manage to decode the complicated chemical vernacular used. This hush hush can sometime prove to be quite misleading to the buyer.
Certainly, getting a product that is actually environmentally friendly is a difficult task for the consumer. A smart way is to identify company that offers such products. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Modern science is moving fast paving ways for innovation. Janito always focus on innovation in technology, products, materials, customers service, marketing and much more. We brainstorm with and learn from more our retailers who gives us the feedback on the bases of what they learn from customers and end users.

Feedback on the cleaning products then becomes our check up on key challenges. That in turn moves us to innovation and what is coming next?

Janito always welcome your feedback through any channels (email, telephone). As a matter of fact we ask janitorial staff and cleaning professionals to come forward and not only share your experiences but also let us know what you might be thinking about our cleaning products and what more we can do to make life easy. Believe it, your words will be taken very seriously. BTW, that is what makes Janito stand out among the rest. We strive to do exactly what you want. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Built on reputation

For many years, Janito has been satisfying thousands of customers throughout UK and across the world with trusted cleaning products and solutions for janitorial professionals, cleaning companies and common consumers. Our product range offers cleaning tolls for every situation and location.

Janito is built on reputation and we understand that every successful cleaning company and janitorial business is built on happy customers. Our professional approach to offering cleaning products, solutions and our highly qualified staff has earned us our reputation and enabled us to build a solid and loyal customer base across UK and in other countries. Our customers enjoy not just professional cleaning products, but special deals and promotions and year-round benefits (see how we ship our orders over 100 pounds). . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Going green

Going green is a very big commitment. In Business to business, distributors often need help understanding and communicating the details of a going green and what are the long term connotation is the process as far as sustainability is concerned. Janito – committed to green living – helps by announcing its commitment about going green and sustainability. Here on this blog, we also produce educational information for our customers and promote clear, precise internal communication regarding the benefits and viability. These bits and pieces of information have helped us create a company culture and a vision at all levels. All stakeholders at janitor through our long supply chain can take pride in while simultaneously demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices to end users.

A clear concept of sustainability is only as strong as the concrete steps and processes it is built upon. Janito’s complete approach covers everything from managing recycling to educating employees about healthy workplace environments and hygiene. Through continuing research at seminars and trade shows we stay on the cutting edge of sustainable technologies, research the latest green chemicals, and partner with other environmentally minded companies. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Where to shop for Janito cleaning supplies?

Janito is the simplest and most cost effective way to order all your cleaning products and equipment, including floor cleaning safety signs. Janito supplies the best cleaning product anywhere in the market. Where you can find or janitorial supplies? You can order direct or visit our supplier near you.

We take a lot of care selecting our supplier. With help of our retailers Janito offers wide range of cleaning material and janitorial supplies for professional. Our products are grouped in categories from Advanced Microfibre, Cleaning Equipment, Dust Control, Entrance Matting, Floor Maintenance, Food Service, Garden Products, Hygiene Brushware, Insect Control, Mopping Systems, Safety Signs, Sprayers and Pumps, Steam Cleaners, Storage and Utility Items, Trolleys and Carts, Vacuum Cleaners, Washroom and Hygiene Control, Waste Receptacles to Window Cleaning tools.

Those who deal with Janito cleaning products are amazed with the end results. We use bio-friendly low odour products that are much safer and more effective than products that are usually available in the stores around any supper market and are safer to be used around pets, the elderly and children. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Sustainable cleaning solutions

It is not every day that a supplier come along and shift in the focus, but that is exactly what Janito – a supplier of janitorial and cleaning products for professionals – is doing. When consumers are tired of cleaning products that were unhealthy and extremely unsafe, Janito is set out to change the way people view cleaning products.

Some long years in business and having a satisfied users’ base all over the world, Janito has been growing rapidly and expanding globally. Using safe materials in its products and solutions, from each strand of Traditional Kentucky Style Cotton Mops to buckets of our Double Bucket Mopping Trolley, Janito has brought retailers and consumers on board to think forward and move to sustainable (call them green), safe and healthy solutions and cleaning products.

Janito focuses on sustainability by being healthy, green and following responsible practices. The household and commercial cleaning industries are not a dirty business anymore. They have become an essential business processes. A whole lot depends on how clean (and green) you look. Janito is continuously moving toward sustainability, health and wellness by bringing in innovations in design and use of material.

By the way, this has been possible due to shift in focus of our consumers and end users. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Private labels

The concept of private labels has come a long way in last ten years. Private labels mean products manufactured or provided by one company under a retailer’s own brand. In the beginning, private labels were used by retailers as differentiation element, but they have become a sine qua non factor in the portfolio of any player who wants to remain competitive.

The main products chosen for private labels are cleaning products followed by food and personal care products as well as soft drinks, spirits and stationery. Private label products are gaining strategic importance on the agenda of local retailers anywhere in the world. The market for own brand products is estimated to reach up to Euro1.2 billion this year after amounting to Euro 0.9 billion in 2010.

In the beginning, private labels were synonymous with very low prices, as the first such products were positioned on the low end segment. Lately retailers have developed their private label portfolio by targeting new segments. Private labels also mean business opportunities for local companies that go into partnerships with retailers to manufacture such products.

As for the long term strategy, Janito will continue production under private labels as long as there is demand and such partnerships are beneficial. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Cleaning process

At Janito, we always assert that cleaning is a continuous process. Cleaning of any kind and type, commercial or residential, involves different steps, from removing foreign elements from a surface, whether it is a restaurant floor dotted with ketchup or window in your bedroom stained with rust pouring out from its aging steel frame. Cleaning products are important items in the cleaning process.  The cleaning products and tools in use during any cleaning process act to breaks connection of the foreign element to the surface, and safely remove it, restoring the surface to its original state – call it clean.

There are many variables when it comes to cleaning process. Foreign elements surfaces vary wildly, and no one could store specially formulated tools for every surface and soil combination. Hence, the cleaning industry has come up general purpose products that work effectively on most common soils and surfaces encountered in any given cleaning application. That is what Janito offers – a fine blend of cleaning tools useful for most cleaning situations.

Janito cleaning products are versatile and suitable for dealing with all possible situations that can arise at homes or in work places. The optimal combination of Janito cleaning products will deliver a truly powerful cleaning solution in any cleaning process. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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