Built on reputation

For many years, Janito has been satisfying thousands of customers throughout UK and across the world with trusted cleaning products and solutions for janitorial professionals, cleaning companies and common consumers. Our product range offers cleaning tolls for every situation and location.

Janito is built on reputation and we understand that every successful cleaning company and janitorial business is built on happy customers. Our professional approach to offering cleaning products, solutions and our highly qualified staff has earned us our reputation and enabled us to build a solid and loyal customer base across UK and in other countries. Our customers enjoy not just professional cleaning products, but special deals and promotions and year-round benefits (see how we ship our orders over 100 pounds). . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Cleaning plan

Having and implementing a cleaning plan improves indoor environmental quality in living spaces. Thanks to growing awareness that more and more organizations and janitorial professionals are adopting plans for their own settings.

Many things are common in cleaning plans. Given the importance of green cleaning almost all plans include options for environmentally friendly cleaning products in the present age. Everyone has established cleaning priorities. Most of the organizations have provisions to educate building occupants and custodial staff by disseminating information about why cleaning is important and how they can help keeps the premises clean and participate by keeping the environs clean (and resultant less use of energy). One sees signs posted throughout many facilities describing cleaning policies and how building occupants can support. Similarly, it is important that custodial staff is educated about the health impacts of conventional products and trained in the right use of the right products. Proper disposal is also part of any wise cleaning plan.

Janito always support the products, practices, and project for right cleaning through safer and eco friendly products. We at Janito always stress our users to keep their staff up to date on new products and procedure improvements, making changes when necessary. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Why out source cleaning?

Cleaning living spaces, small or large and commercial or residential, is a daunting task and is costly. Most commercial concerns outsource cleaning services because it is cost-effective. It is far easier for specialized janitorial companies to clean and maintain buildings than doing it yourself. Best thing is that you get better housekeeping and it cost less. It also saves a lot of your time and hassle.

Many commercial cleaning companies have come up to meet the growing demand of house cleaning services for all types of buildings, from office buildings blocks to super stores to industrial complexes. They offer regular services as well as occasional (whenever you need it) cleaning. It does not matter whether you have a small beauty parlor or multi story building with corporate suits, you can find janitorial services to take care of your commercial cleaning needs. You only need to find the best commercial cleaning company for you.

Do a bit of personal research, discussion about your cleaning needs with professional cleaners, checking out what leaning products are they using will help you make clean decision about your dirty work. Also find out what cleaning package suites you the best and how you want your cleaning work done. All this is very important because the cleanliness of your commercial office is most of the time the first impression visitors and potential clients see. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Go green, it’s your choice

This is to those who are cautious and make informed decisions about which cleaning products they use. Everyone knows about harmful effects some cleaning products can have on users, cleaning staff or those occupy living spaces (to work or live) where they are used. On the other hand, there are safe and effective choices that won’t make anyone cough, get sick or worst.

Given the advancements in art of cleaning and growing awareness, green cleaning is becoming the standard operating procedure. More and more cleaning jobs are being outsourced to cleaning companies using green cleaning approach to building maintenance than those not using green cleaning solutions.

This green trend continues to become common, as visible by savvy concerns’ policies which require sustainable cleaning practices. And ss the green cleaning trends become mainstream, so does the increase in the selection of cleaning products and solution considered green. Best thing is that many green cleaning products that were not as effective and were costly than conventional products in the past, now have become as effective as conventional products and now cost just about the same. Janito web shop is the case in point here. Have a look and decide it for yourself. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Fine art of cleaning

Knowing your job and doing it good is not enough when it comes to art of cleaning. As a professional, you need to have right cleaning products and you need to know how to use them good. More than everything else, cleaning professional need understand how their work affects others.

Simply put, cleaning is the set of actions – choosing right product for right job, cleaning (trash removal, dusting, vacuuming or mopping) and disposal and beyond that are done in routine in and around living spaces.

An ordinary cleaning worker mostly is engaged in the general factors like removal and disposal but a professional (janitorial services providers and or managers of cleaning companies) need to look at cleaning beyond as a process. Cleaning professional, however, look at these tasks as the process of locating, identifying, containing, removing and properly disposing of unwanted substances from an environment – anything from a floor or shelf, or a structure to multi story office building complex. Professional cleaners understand how water and or air act as natural cleaning agents or how time is a critical element. Temperature also is an important factor in cleaning process, especially as it affects the solvents that break down pollutants.

Cleaning process is not a rocket science, but it is an exercise that is certainly based on science. No one can deliver without understanding the science behind fine art of cleaning.

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