Modern science is moving fast paving ways for innovation. Janito always focus on innovation in technology, products, materials, customers service, marketing and much more. We brainstorm with and learn from more our retailers who gives us the feedback on the bases of what they learn from customers and end users.

Feedback on the cleaning products then becomes our check up on key challenges. That in turn moves us to innovation and what is coming next?

Janito always welcome your feedback through any channels (email, telephone). As a matter of fact we ask janitorial staff and cleaning professionals to come forward and not only share your experiences but also let us know what you might be thinking about our cleaning products and what more we can do to make life easy. Believe it, your words will be taken very seriously. BTW, that is what makes Janito stand out among the rest. We strive to do exactly what you want. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Emergency cleaning plan

We are living in times when both natural and human emergencies occur more frequently. And cleaning professional and janitorial staff are now more aware of that. This awareness has lead to emergency preparations for cleaning any living space and bring it back to normal. How much are you prepared? Do you have emergency cleanliness preparedness plans in place?

Empirical observations show that janitorial professionals had little preparation before frequent hurricanes, floods and rains. Now most cleaning professional are contemplating having cleanliness plans in place and just in case they are caught up in rain or more sever natural calamity.

It is also observed that the major obstacles in implementing emergency and disaster cleaning plans are factors like lack of personnel and necessary cleaning tools. It is suggested that have a survey of your property and have necessary tools to be better prepared for an emergency cleaning, if and when, it comes. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Built on reputation

For many years, Janito has been satisfying thousands of customers throughout UK and across the world with trusted cleaning products and solutions for janitorial professionals, cleaning companies and common consumers. Our product range offers cleaning tolls for every situation and location.

Janito is built on reputation and we understand that every successful cleaning company and janitorial business is built on happy customers. Our professional approach to offering cleaning products, solutions and our highly qualified staff has earned us our reputation and enabled us to build a solid and loyal customer base across UK and in other countries. Our customers enjoy not just professional cleaning products, but special deals and promotions and year-round benefits (see how we ship our orders over 100 pounds). . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Floor maintenance

Don’t let anyone fall on your premises. Sadly, slips and falls can occur anywhere, at any time and that is bad for individuals as well as the organizations. Janitorial staff must be very careful of slip-and-fall dangers. Best they can do is to have floors clean and well maintained.

The first step for the thorough, janitorial professional is to eliminate all possible chances for anyone to have a fall. Living spaces should be maintained both inside and out as slips and trips can occur both indoors and out. They should walk through the living spaces with an other person, looking for potential problem areas. An independent set of eyes will usually catch things that everyone else gets house blind to. Unless this is done, it is easy to overlook potential dangers.

Floors should be kept clean, dry and clear of foreign elements and sidewalks should be kept completely clear of snow, ice and other slip-and-trip hazards. Repairs should be carried out at the first sign of damage, and all publicly accessible areas should be checked and maintained on a regular and routine basis. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Vacuum maintenance

Janitorial staff and cleaning professionals agree that the wet and dry vacuum can be used in any living space and in any situation. In addition to the natural disasters (we see them occurring more and more), one of the more common methods of use is following rain storms.

Liquid recovery is accomplished in different ways. In addition to general floor care, many professionals have experienced benefits using the wet and dry vacuums to recover stripping and refinishing chemicals. According to manufacturers, with proper filtration and cleaning after use, the stripping agent will not affect the functionality of the vacuum machine. Simply rinse the recovery tanks, squeegees and hoses, then leave the equipment open to dry properly. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Cleaning plan

Having and implementing a cleaning plan improves indoor environmental quality in living spaces. Thanks to growing awareness that more and more organizations and janitorial professionals are adopting plans for their own settings.

Many things are common in cleaning plans. Given the importance of green cleaning almost all plans include options for environmentally friendly cleaning products in the present age. Everyone has established cleaning priorities. Most of the organizations have provisions to educate building occupants and custodial staff by disseminating information about why cleaning is important and how they can help keeps the premises clean and participate by keeping the environs clean (and resultant less use of energy). One sees signs posted throughout many facilities describing cleaning policies and how building occupants can support. Similarly, it is important that custodial staff is educated about the health impacts of conventional products and trained in the right use of the right products. Proper disposal is also part of any wise cleaning plan.

Janito always support the products, practices, and project for right cleaning through safer and eco friendly products. We at Janito always stress our users to keep their staff up to date on new products and procedure improvements, making changes when necessary. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Floor cleaning

Recently a survey was carried to out to find the general problems in floor cleaning. Respondents came up with different answers from tricky floor layouts and things placed on them to outdated cleaning equipment and a whole lot in between.

All cleaning professionals in the know of the matter unanimously said that the keys to proper floor care are having the right cleaning products and adequate cleaning staff training and proper floors care plan.

At Janito, we continuously work with retailers and cleaning professional to find out what they feel about using our products and how our products are doing on ground. That is what keep us on the edge and we keep improving. Have a look at Rotary Machine Floor Spin Bonnet Pads. They come in a variety of options and they vary based on the type and amount of bristles used. The aggressiveness of the pad depends on the thickness of the pads, which range from fine and soft to thick and stiff. Rotary Machine Floor Spin Bonnet Pads give enough options for most common floor surfaces. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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The cleaners

Recently Mintel’s research Household Cleaning Products: The Market—U.S. June 2010 and May 2008 crossed my desktop and the research report says “today more men do most of the household cleaning than ever before. Whereas 17% were masters of the mop in 2006 that figure now sits at 31%. While not as likely to clean as women over half (55%) of men who do feel a sense of accomplishment, almost the same as women (62%). The findings can be mirrored anywhere in cleaning industry.

Analyses of change in the behavior of consumers and their motivations give an edge to offer gender suitable cleaning products. Which is why Janito and its retailers reach out and communicate with men who like to clean as much as women do?

In this day of constant upgrading and smart technology, nearly every aspect of life can be customized with tools to help things run more smoothly. From smart phones to smart homes, families have evolved and now, so can their approach to cleaning. Janitos offers household cleaning products that make cleaning the home faster, easier and more efficient by removing the hassle of carrying around numerous bulky cleaning supplies. Our products are usually aimed at both men as well as women, but it could be time to put men in the focus as new research shows that the number of men wielding dusters and brooms is on the rise. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Unique cleaning situations

In any commercial or residential complex, there are so many cleaning situations. There are so many things to be cleaned every day. Cleaning floors is a challenge for any team of housekeepers. Imagine those wide-open spaces with hard or soft flooring of various heights often crammed with furniture or other different types of permanent fixtures that make job of any cleaner tricky and unique.

With all those different situations to consider, supplying the best floor cleaning equipment to cleaning professionals is, well, challenging to say the least. Cleaning professionals and staff are looking forward to new innovations entering the marketplace as a result of advancements in cleaning technologies and improved cleaning equipment. Professionals demand cleaning equipment with wider configurations, higher-performance and multi-surface applications to meet the needs of many facilities. At the same time users ask for robust and easy to maintain equipment that can be used for longer time.

It is in this milieu that manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning equipment are trying to bring in the best, green as well as cost effective products. Janito is endeavoring to bring the best cleaning products to its old and new (and would be customers) – in ways they want. We at Janito always encourage our clients to discuss their needs and typical cleaning situations with us so that we can bring most suitable cleaning equipment for your unique situation. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Go green, it’s your choice

This is to those who are cautious and make informed decisions about which cleaning products they use. Everyone knows about harmful effects some cleaning products can have on users, cleaning staff or those occupy living spaces (to work or live) where they are used. On the other hand, there are safe and effective choices that won’t make anyone cough, get sick or worst.

Given the advancements in art of cleaning and growing awareness, green cleaning is becoming the standard operating procedure. More and more cleaning jobs are being outsourced to cleaning companies using green cleaning approach to building maintenance than those not using green cleaning solutions.

This green trend continues to become common, as visible by savvy concerns’ policies which require sustainable cleaning practices. And ss the green cleaning trends become mainstream, so does the increase in the selection of cleaning products and solution considered green. Best thing is that many green cleaning products that were not as effective and were costly than conventional products in the past, now have become as effective as conventional products and now cost just about the same. Janito web shop is the case in point here. Have a look and decide it for yourself. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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