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Cleaning the rest rooms is tough, even if you are equipped with traditional tools (bleaches and strong environmentally unfriendly ingredients). I suggest you Go Green and still get the toilet bowl, sink and tiles to shine.

Just as the move towards “Green” in general is growing, so is the interest in green cleaning products. The number of efficient products on the market has grown. Green cleaning is getting better and better every day.

What makes a cleaner green? In my opinion, green has to be both, good for health and the environment. Many conventional cleaners can damage both.

Janito suggests consumers to be alert for “Green Cleaning,” in which a company promotes one green aspect of the product but does not show the entire picture of all the other ingredients, particularly for cleaning tools used for cleaning rest rooms. Have a look at Janito and see what they have to offer from home cleaning equipment to commercial cleaning systems and see how they emphasize on green cleaning. This will  help you make an informed decision. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Switch to Safe Cleaning Products

In the start, cleaning your living spaces with environmentally safe, natural ingredients may sound like a challenge. Researcher’s over the years have been saying that many of the products commonly associated with home hygiene actually pollute air, humans and animals with harsh, and sometimes dangerous, chemicals. Same researchers have been working to produce eco friendly and health safety products. Thanks to the hard work and development in cleaning technologies, there are countless natural safe products for cleaners and janitorial professionals from any cleaning situation; residential or commercial.

 When shopping for cleaning products, look for the Janito label because all our products “meet stringent criteria for human and environmental health.” And if switching to safe cleaning your home or work place seems overwhelming or you don’t find safe and eco friendly cleaning products, leave us a note in the comments section here or email us.

Remember that you need to make an informed decision once and your commitment will matter a great deal in the long run. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Switch to Green Cleaning

In all living spaces, one needs to focus a lot on what we use and how. Everything including the clothes we wear, the counter on which we prepare food, wash rooms, the floors and the air we breathe have their own effects. It is essential to know that our bodies and our health is effected by all that is around us. Keeping home and work places clean is a priority for many, and green cleaning a great way to keep clean and healthy. Along with this, the risks of using toxic cleaners is high and still very much unknown and what the lasting effects of exposure can be. Toxic materials not only harm your health, but the health of the environment.

Janito is a full line of naturally derived cleaning products from dust control to garden cleaning equipments that give you the cleaning power you need without the harmful chemicals and residue. My personal favorite product, by far, are floor maintenance products. The best thing about Janito cleaning products is that they are easily available with just a few clicks. You do not have to go out of your way to find green cleaning tools by Janito. All you need to do is order online and your order will be delivered to you at your doorstep in a very timely manner.

Switch to green cleaning today and contribute what you can to save your health and the health of the environment. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Live green

More and more users are recognizing the importance of living green presently and buyers are generally showing a marked preference towards eco-friendly goods over the past few years. The trend is even more visible in the cleaning products also. With a lot more individuals choosing to make use of environmentally friendly cleaning products, there is definitely room for growth for businesses that manufacture them. Yet, it is important for a consumer to learn how to select a cleaning product that is genuinely environmentally friendly.

Sometime it is difficult to choose the right product that is eco friendly and works well. Even with those cleaning products that do have a list of ingredients printed, you may not manage to decode the complicated chemical vernacular used. This hush hush can sometime prove to be quite misleading to the buyer.
Certainly, getting a product that is actually environmentally friendly is a difficult task for the consumer. A smart way is to identify company that offers such products. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Green clean

More and more cleaning product manufacturers are going green and joining the fray of environmentally friendly cleaning products. Global warming has always been a big deal nowadays, and now the issue has touched many users. People are more likely to buy green products than those made with toxic chemicals.

This goes without saying that every business and individual must do what it can to contribute to environmental preservation. The more toxic waste is dumped in the sewer systems, the more likely these would affect the planet earth. Fact is that the environment suffers if you cannot be bothered to switch to green products.
Therefore, Janito claims that our products are safe for the environment. Customers are very choosy when it comes to green cleaning products. Even the globally aware people need thorough cleaning.

A home user or janitorial staff should also be able to rinse off the product thoroughly. Pricing for green cleaning products is also relevant because many cleaning products become more expensive when the manufacturer slaps on the green feature of the product. Janito does its best to offer green cleaning products at affordable prince. Have a look and see for yourself. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Green cleaning or less cleaning

Concept of green cleaning is getting more popular with every day passing. Thanks to increasing awareness that more and more people trying to stay green. Lately I came across a very interesting (read it innovative approach) to green cleaning. I am delighted to share it here for janitor readers.
Recently a gust who checked into a hotel and was asked if he would like his room “green cleaned.” BTW, the hotel does use non-toxic chemicals, their green cleaning program meant that the guest had the choice of whether housekeeping would service room every night during his visit.

According to the hotel, for each night a guest skips having his room cleaned, He would earn a few bucks off food or drinks, but he would help the environment by saving nearly 50 gallons of water and using less electricity and natural gas. These “green” savings are a result of declining towel and linen laundering, but to participate a guest has to forgo room cleaning as well. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Cleaning research

Some people see dust everywhere whereas some other don’t. A study crossed my desk that says that cleaning is obsessive. “Our obsession with cleaning could be linked to rising rates of depression, scientists claim,” it reads. Researchers find that eliminating bacteria and viruses has actually made our immune systems weaker, and this in turn has affected the functioning of our brains.”

Researchers say that over-reaction may also impair the brain’s ability to produce certain chemicals that make us happy. They point out that rates of depression are far higher in the developed world compared to less developed world, because people’s immune systems are less trained to cope with bacteria. Around one in ten Britons suffers from depression compared to just one in a hundred in Nigeria, for example. As people develop and grow up, their immune system develops. If they are exposed to more bacteria and parasites, they are able to better control the inflammation.

Empirical observations show that nowadays people’s environment is much cleaner and hygienic so our immune system never really learns how to deal with infectious agents. We are overactive because our immune system has not been trained. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Going green

Going green is a very big commitment. In Business to business, distributors often need help understanding and communicating the details of a going green and what are the long term connotation is the process as far as sustainability is concerned. Janito – committed to green living – helps by announcing its commitment about going green and sustainability. Here on this blog, we also produce educational information for our customers and promote clear, precise internal communication regarding the benefits and viability. These bits and pieces of information have helped us create a company culture and a vision at all levels. All stakeholders at janitor through our long supply chain can take pride in while simultaneously demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices to end users.

A clear concept of sustainability is only as strong as the concrete steps and processes it is built upon. Janito’s complete approach covers everything from managing recycling to educating employees about healthy workplace environments and hygiene. Through continuing research at seminars and trade shows we stay on the cutting edge of sustainable technologies, research the latest green chemicals, and partner with other environmentally minded companies. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Janito cleaning is green cleaning

Given the growing awareness about environmental situation and its impact on human beings, most socially responsible businesses are shifting to green cleaning products. Who does not want to play the part in noble cause of environmental protection? Everyone does.

A recent report that crossed my desktop says, “A third of all carbon emissions in the UK come from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity.” But there are things you can easily do to reduce your energy consumption, like switching off lights when you leave a room and not leaving the TV or computers on standby. Change to a green cleaning supplies and use Janito cleaning products. Janito cleaning products are green cleaning products. Janito is putting in big efforts to supply all green products. And that is what makes Janito cleaning a green cleaning.

Best thing is that Janito’s customers can also join in and play their part. This is how? Have your home carbon-neutralised. This is a simple but brilliant idea whereby the amount of carbon dioxide generated by you and your family is calculated and in compensation you invest in reforestation and renewable energy projects. With all the driving we do, did you know how much   global warming gas one single short haul to downtown produces?  Try to plant a tree equal to gases you produce by  driving  in your daily life and  you will end up planting large number of trees. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Go green, it’s your choice

This is to those who are cautious and make informed decisions about which cleaning products they use. Everyone knows about harmful effects some cleaning products can have on users, cleaning staff or those occupy living spaces (to work or live) where they are used. On the other hand, there are safe and effective choices that won’t make anyone cough, get sick or worst.

Given the advancements in art of cleaning and growing awareness, green cleaning is becoming the standard operating procedure. More and more cleaning jobs are being outsourced to cleaning companies using green cleaning approach to building maintenance than those not using green cleaning solutions.

This green trend continues to become common, as visible by savvy concerns’ policies which require sustainable cleaning practices. And ss the green cleaning trends become mainstream, so does the increase in the selection of cleaning products and solution considered green. Best thing is that many green cleaning products that were not as effective and were costly than conventional products in the past, now have become as effective as conventional products and now cost just about the same. Janito web shop is the case in point here. Have a look and decide it for yourself. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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