Insect control

Insects of all kinds are most annoying in living spaces. No one wants them creeping and crawling around. But before you plan to control insects on your properties, it is important to know them, their strengths and weaknesses, and their likes and dislikes. That will help you locate the areas where that are more prone to pests. You can then monitor the area, stop their entries or knocking them down.

Careful monitoring living spaces for pests in improve the safety of people and material and reduces the likelihood of pests migrating indoors. Research and preparation is especially important in every unique situation. Best is the janitorial professional chalk out a streamlined insect management program, throughout the living spaces under their responsibility, on the bases of their own analyses of the property.

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Insect Control

Insects (pests) of all kinds can attack living spaces at almost any time of the year. Generally, when temperatures rise, most of the pests perk up. As the weather changes and it becomes warmer, pests’ metabolism increases and they are more active.

Pests that are found in and around houses can be divided in different categories: wood destroying pests (like termites), food, fabric, and nuisance pests (ants, flies), food storage pests (fungus), pests that sting, bite, or injure (bees, mosquitoes), vertebrate pests (house mouse, lizards) and many more. All of them create problems.

Worst of all house pests, termites are temperature dependent. Termites initially are just a mild nuisance, but if they are not controlled at early stage they can be destructive. Of about 2000 known species of termite, most commonly found in this part of the world are known as white ants that damage wooden items such as furniture or house structures.

In summers, termites can wreak havoc in homes. Termite can start their damaging activities in warmer parts of the houses even in winters as well. And here is the rub: They are hard to find even when they are digesting sub flooring or tunneling through walls of any home. And when the columns of tiny ants are seen marching across walls, the damage might have already been done. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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