Chemical Wash Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Quality microfiber cleaning wipes are the corner stone of any high quality detail and best cleaning performance. With neat microfiber wipes, users can ensure that they do not add any micro-scratches. However if contaminants or other abrasive particles are lodged in the wipe, the microfiber cloth becomes a potentially dangerous tool, which defeats the whole purpose of using microfiber products. Protect your microfiber clothes by caring for them after some use with some good chemical wash (detergent/washing powder) that helps clean and preserve microfiber wipe or cloth quickly and easily.

Microfiber wipes have hundreds of thousands of tiny micro-pores where contaminants are collected. Removing these contaminants is essential to preserving your microfiber cleaning material in the best possible condition. Add small quantity of good quality detergent and rinse, the wipes will come out clean and safe to use again!

Just hand washing microfibers or throwing them in the washing machine with other clothes is wrong. They do not really absorb as well as desired. After washing your microfibers in washing machine, they work better than ever. Try it and share your experience with us! . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Microfiber cleaning products

Thanks to advances in science that Microfiber cleaning products are now available in market. Microfiber products are new but revolutionary in most parts of the world.

However, for many years British and Europeans have been using and taking advantages of microfiber cleaning products. Microfiber used for cleaning is made out of tiny fibers. There are many different quality microfiber products on the market. Janito only use the best quality fibers and appropriate Polyester and Polyamide blend. Our mix is perfect to give users a product that is both absorbent and durable as well as soft enough to use on any surface without scratching. Janito microfibers are split to increase the cloths’ absorbency, giving users a far more efficient clean than regular micro fibers. Microfiber can be used with or without chemicals. Chemicals will not harm the microfiber but are usually unnecessary in most cases. Unlike ordinary cleaning products, that only move or push dirt and dust from one point to another, microfiber cleaning products lift the dirt from the surface and store the particles in the cloth until it is washed. When it is placed in a warm to hot wash, the fiber opens up and releases the dirt into the water. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Microfiber mops

One cant emphasize enough on cleanliness. The appearance of work or living spaces is vital to the overall perception of a society. Fairly general statement but true. The cleanliness of our living spaces directly affects the attitudes and modes of people and of societies

Cleanliness is not for appearance alone though. We need clean environment for health, environment, quality of living, and yes, also for living clean.

Janitorial professionals say by experience that microfiber mops ore one of the most important cleaning tools. Compared to cotton or looped mops, microfiber removes twice the dirt and dust because the microfibers attract dirt. Technically speaking a microfiber dry mop eliminates the use of dust mop chemicals, addresses bacterial control issues and generally collects more dirt than a conventional dust mop. Dry microfiber mops are also much easier to maintain than cotton mops. In addition to dry mopping, microfiber proves beneficial when used as a wet mop. In a demonstration after mopping with the cotton mop, the same area was mopped again with a microfiber mop and the microfiber picked up a considerable amount of dirt left behind after the initial cleaning, showing its effectiveness. Microfiber mops also help eliminate cross-contamination because new pads are replaced easily after mopping each room or area. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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Advanced Microfiber

Microfiber was invented in 1950s but the markets saw microfiber products mushroom in 1990s. Only in two decades, a line of microfiber products for almost every cleaning situation is available all over the world from America, to Asia and Europe. Initially, sales of microfiber cleaning products was slow but now cleaning professionals and staff has started to appreciate the benefits of this new advanced fabric and how it can work better. It’s ability to be laundered and reused over 500 times alone makes it stand out amongst all conventional cleaning materials. Best thing is that microfiber has more surface area than standard fibers and since it is a smaller fiber, it can get into cracks and crevices too small for other materials. Microfiber often performs just as well with water as it does with chemicals.

Today, microfiber products include Velcro Back Fitting for Standard Flat Mop, Velco Back Velvet Polish Mop FLUID Microfibre Mop Handle, Damp Mop, Damp Mops, 300 + 6 DISPAD Velcro Pads Free and a whole lot more, and are predominantly used in healthcare and food service markets to reduce cross-contamination. However, many professionals recognize that same benefit of microfiber cleaning when using the product in commercial settings such as office complex or a factory floor.

We try to stay as green as possible with our cleaning products. Did you know that out microfiber cloths and gloves better attract dust particles and give a better end result? . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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