Children safe products

Have you heard of incidents like children drinking a bleach water mixture while the parent was cleaning or kids digging down into heaps of domestic trash to find their lost toys and getting injured or so many other similar stories that keep figuring out in media. Nobody wants such dangerous things to happen but unfortunately they still happen. We see cases involving household cleaning products on a regular basis.

Some of the serious safety risks are associated with cleaning products used around homes. Generally speaking, one of the biggest safety problems with household cleaners is that they are reachable by kids; often stored in cabinets and under the kitchen sink. Janito always offers safe cleaning products and always stress that any types of products (cleaning or other items) be stored where children cannot reach them like under lock and key. We also suggest putting cleaning products back immediately after use. May be all household cleaning products are child safe these days, many users may forget to screw the lids all the way down after use, and that caps can be defective. Worst still, some people leave some of the equipment plugged in after use.

Janito takes pride in offering children safe products. Also Janito always stress to use them safely, more so when kids are around home.

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