Choose the right vacuum cleaner

Those who have ever tried to clean carpets with mops and brushes (yes, I tried it once at home), might sure know the importance of the right vacuum cleaner for the job.

Vacuum cleaners are most commonly used cleaning tools used everywhere. They are an essential part of any decent cleaning kit. There are so many options for consumers to choose from bagless to bagged, dual and single motors, nosy and silent, almost all with similar claims, and that makes selecting the right vacuum for the job a bit confusing.

There are many factors that can help smart choice: size, design, weight, width, users friendliness, budget and also gender of a person who is to use the vacuum cleaner. I suggest you have a look at Janito CVC Vacuum Cleaner while making a choice.

CVC Vacuum Cleaner comes complete with a choice of brush and nozzle attachments, 10m cable, long hose and ergonomic telescopic steel wand, 12 litre dry capacity, 1000 watt motor with triple-filtration for dust-free operations. Strong metal clips secure motor/filtration housing. It gives easy access to integral tool kit and cable store. It is double insulated and has thermal cut-out. Impact resistant polypropylene, protective bumpers and swivel castors.

CVC Vacuum Cleaner is efficient and well suited for most common cleaning operations and anyone can run it.

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