Cleaning process

At Janito, we always assert that cleaning is a continuous process. Cleaning of any kind and type, commercial or residential, involves different steps, from removing foreign elements from a surface, whether it is a restaurant floor dotted with ketchup or window in your bedroom stained with rust pouring out from its aging steel frame. Cleaning products are important items in the cleaning process.  The cleaning products and tools in use during any cleaning process act to breaks connection of the foreign element to the surface, and safely remove it, restoring the surface to its original state – call it clean.

There are many variables when it comes to cleaning process. Foreign elements surfaces vary wildly, and no one could store specially formulated tools for every surface and soil combination. Hence, the cleaning industry has come up general purpose products that work effectively on most common soils and surfaces encountered in any given cleaning application. That is what Janito offers – a fine blend of cleaning tools useful for most cleaning situations.

Janito cleaning products are versatile and suitable for dealing with all possible situations that can arise at homes or in work places. The optimal combination of Janito cleaning products will deliver a truly powerful cleaning solution in any cleaning process.

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