Cleaning Products and Human Health

On any normal cleaning day in a normal home, levels of chemicals in the indoor air can be hundreds, even thousands of times higher than the outdoor air in the most thickly populated urban centers. Indoor air pollution level is even higher in workplaces.

Many researcher’s point out that long-term low-level exposure to chemicals may be just as dangerous as short-term high-dose exposures. Research also indicates that people do not understand the impact of exposure to the chemical-loaded air and dust found in living spaces. Testing for human health effects is normally done on single chemicals. But in the real world, we are all exposed to a variety of chemicals every single day.

Earlier, most household cleaning tasks were accomplished using relatively safe ingredients commonly found in most homes. With the advent of petroleum-based chemicals after the industrial revolution, corporations began to manufacture ready-made cleaning products. Today, most people are accustomed to buying a wide range of products custom-designed for the many surfaces, materials and rooms in their homes. Consumer demand and recognition of the hazards of many chemical ingredients are leading more companies to manufacture less toxic cleaning products as the ingredients contained in conventional cleaning products are not usually listed on labels.

Janito prides in offering the safe and least toxic products to its customers and this has always been our claim to fame. Have a look and see what is included in the range of products for any situation and make an informed decision. At Janito, you will be sure that you are buying safety and not hazard.

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3 comments on “Cleaning Products and Human Health
  1. Amy Cleaning says:

    This article is so good. Working in the domestic cleaning industry we always see cases of allergy reactions to strong chemicals and we can see how dangerous it can be. But it is difficult sometimes to make people understand that least toxic products can do a very good job also!

  2. S Johnson says:

    Most people don’t even think about these things. They have set aside time to clean & just go for it.
    Thanks for the heads up.

  3. Hi,

    This is a great article indeed and as S. Johnson said, most cleaners or cleaning companies hardly care about the products they use.

    In fact, I have been in an interview with a cleaner from Eastern Europe living in London for many years and when I asked what cleaning products she normally uses to clean customers premises, be it business or residential premises, anything that’s cheap

    Well – I did not hire her because our customer’s life means a lot to us.

    Good work guys and keep it up

    Kind regards,

    Cheap Cleaning Services Ltd.
    Delivering promises across London and Surrey.

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