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Some people see dust everywhere whereas some other don’t. A study crossed my desk that says that cleaning is obsessive. “Our obsession with cleaning could be linked to rising rates of depression, scientists claim,” it reads. Researchers find that eliminating bacteria and viruses has actually made our immune systems weaker, and this in turn has affected the functioning of our brains.”

Researchers say that over-reaction may also impair the brain’s ability to produce certain chemicals that make us happy. They point out that rates of depression are far higher in the developed world compared to less developed world, because people’s immune systems are less trained to cope with bacteria. Around one in ten Britons suffers from depression compared to just one in a hundred in Nigeria, for example. As people develop and grow up, their immune system develops. If they are exposed to more bacteria and parasites, they are able to better control the inflammation.

Empirical observations show that nowadays people’s environment is much cleaner and hygienic so our immune system never really learns how to deal with infectious agents. We are overactive because our immune system has not been trained.

I think being closer to nature is the best course. As scientists are exploring the subject further but what seems rational is a balanced attitude toward life. Healthy, neat and clean living and adopting to green cleaning may be the best approach. What do you say?

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