Floor cleaning

Cleaning floors, small or large and commercial or residential, is one of the most common cleaning tasks. Floor mops, brooms and brushes are available in huge variety of shapes, sizes, and colors — each one serving a particular purpose. Janitorial and cleaning professionals know which is the right mop, broom or brush for a particular type of flooring surface.

Let us consider the colors and how they are assigned?

An expert says that light-colored brooms are used for polishing, buffing and burnishing. White pads good for polishing clean and dry floors. Darker colors are more abrasive and they remove light scuff marks and dirt while producing a smooth, glossy finish. Blue pads are used for wet scrubbing or heavy-duty spray cleaning. They aggressively remove heavy dirt and scuff marks. Green pads are utilized for heavy-duty wet scrubbing or light stripping. They remove dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled floors. Dark-colored pads have coarse fibers and are used for scrubbing and stripping. Brown pads are designed for wet or dry stripping, while black pads are for heavy-duty wet stripping. They each aggressively remove wax, dirt and finish.

On the other hand, tut the more aggressive the pad, the more easily it can damage the floor surface. Cleaning professionals need to select the appropriate pad before use. Have a look at the floor cleaning material by Janito and choose the best that serve your specific floor cleaning purposes.    >>

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