Floor cleaning

Recently a survey was carried to out to find the general problems in floor cleaning. Respondents came up with different answers from tricky floor layouts and things placed on them to outdated cleaning equipment and a whole lot in between.

All cleaning professionals in the know of the matter unanimously said that the keys to proper floor care are having the right cleaning products and adequate cleaning staff training and proper floors care plan.

At Janito, we continuously work with retailers and cleaning professional to find out what they feel about using our products and how our products are doing on ground. That is what keep us on the edge and we keep improving. Have a look at Rotary Machine Floor Spin Bonnet Pads. They come in a variety of options and they vary based on the type and amount of bristles used. The aggressiveness of the pad depends on the thickness of the pads, which range from fine and soft to thick and stiff. Rotary Machine Floor Spin Bonnet Pads give enough options for most common floor surfaces.

Janito always suggest you to use floor cleaning products that are strong enough to remove any foreign material from them but without damaging its surface.

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