Floor maintenance

Don’t let anyone fall on your premises. Sadly, slips and falls can occur anywhere, at any time and that is bad for individuals as well as the organizations. Janitorial staff must be very careful of slip-and-fall dangers. Best they can do is to have floors clean and well maintained.

The first step for the thorough, janitorial professional is to eliminate all possible chances for anyone to have a fall. Living spaces should be maintained both inside and out as slips and trips can occur both indoors and out. They should walk through the living spaces with an other person, looking for potential problem areas. An independent set of eyes will usually catch things that everyone else gets house blind to. Unless this is done, it is easy to overlook potential dangers.

Floors should be kept clean, dry and clear of foreign elements and sidewalks should be kept completely clear of snow, ice and other slip-and-trip hazards. Repairs should be carried out at the first sign of damage, and all publicly accessible areas should be checked and maintained on a regular and routine basis.

Utmost care is always better than repenting later.

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