Go Green

Cleaning the rest rooms is tough, even if you are equipped with traditional tools (bleaches and strong environmentally unfriendly ingredients). I suggest you Go Green and still get the toilet bowl, sink and tiles to shine.

Just as the move towards “Green” in general is growing, so is the interest in green cleaning products. The number of efficient products on the market has grown. Green cleaning is getting better and better every day.

What makes a cleaner green? In my opinion, green has to be both, good for health and the environment. Many conventional cleaners can damage both.

Janito suggests consumers to be alert for “Green Cleaning,” in which a company promotes one green aspect of the product but does not show the entire picture of all the other ingredients, particularly for cleaning tools used for cleaning rest rooms. Have a look at Janito and see what they have to offer from home cleaning equipment to commercial cleaning systems and see how they emphasize on green cleaning. This will  help you make an informed decision.

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