Going green

Going green is a very big commitment. In Business to business, distributors often need help understanding and communicating the details of a going green and what are the long term connotation is the process as far as sustainability is concerned. Janito – committed to green living – helps by announcing its commitment about going green and sustainability. Here on this blog, we also produce educational information for our customers and promote clear, precise internal communication regarding the benefits and viability. These bits and pieces of information have helped us create a company culture and a vision at all levels. All stakeholders at janitor through our long supply chain can take pride in while simultaneously demonstrating their dedication to sustainable practices to end users.

A clear concept of sustainability is only as strong as the concrete steps and processes it is built upon. Janito’s complete approach covers everything from managing recycling to educating employees about healthy workplace environments and hygiene. Through continuing research at seminars and trade shows we stay on the cutting edge of sustainable technologies, research the latest green chemicals, and partner with other environmentally minded companies.

Going green is our philosophy at Janito.

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