Green cleaning or less cleaning

Concept of green cleaning is getting more popular with every day passing. Thanks to increasing awareness that more and more people trying to stay green. Lately I came across a very interesting (read it innovative approach) to green cleaning. I am delighted to share it here for janitor readers.
Recently a gust who checked into a hotel and was asked if he would like his room “green cleaned.” BTW, the hotel does use non-toxic chemicals, their green cleaning program meant that the guest had the choice of whether housekeeping would service room every night during his visit.

According to the hotel, for each night a guest skips having his room cleaned, He would earn a few bucks off food or drinks, but he would help the environment by saving nearly 50 gallons of water and using less electricity and natural gas. These “green” savings are a result of declining towel and linen laundering, but to participate a guest has to forgo room cleaning as well.

Personally will go for green cleaning in its literal sense (using green cleaning product) rather than less cleaning). What you think of this idea of going green? What would be your preference if you are asked the same question while you check in some hotel in future. Share your point here.

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