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Without the army of cleaners, an economy would grind to a halt. The global army of home cleaners, mostly behind the scene, is very important fabric of society. News is that the International Labour Organisation (ILO) is trying to change the working condition of domestic workers including domestic cleaners at its annual conference this month. “The Convention Concerning Decent Work for Domestic Workers has been three years in the making. Its goal is to limit working hours, guarantee weekly days off, ensure a minimum wage and protect domestic workers from violent employers. And this is a very good news.

What is more, social media is also coming into change the working conditions o home workers and cleaners. The emergence of many Facebook groups and blogs, such as Migrant Rights is a case in point. It is in this milieu that I suggest we have a look around and see what is happening in our own domains, in our homes or offices, and may be play our parts to accelerate this change.

Do you know the name of the worker who cleans your home or office? How much is he or she being paid? More importantly, are they equipped with efficient and functional cleaning tools that can make their difficult job easy? Who buys brooms, dust beaters, Vacuum Cleaners, buckets and other cleaning equipment for you? If you do it yourself, buy the best. This will not only give you better cleaning at your living spaces but will also make cleaning workers’ life easy. A little though and a few bucks can go a long way to make this world a better place with better cleaning and satisfied cleaning workers.

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