Hygiene Brushware

Janito has responded to a new market requirement by introducing  Hygiene Brushware for cleaning professionals and domestic users. The janitor range includes Banister Brush, Churn Brush, Deckscrub Brooms, ErgoScrub Brush, Flat Sweeping Brooms, Small Nailbrush and Handles. Everyone wants to live clean but these brushes are an integral part of every cleaning kit, personal or professional. They are multi purpose and come in handy in diferent situations.

The selection from Janito is pretty self explanatory – brushes meant for the floor to the toilet and everything in between come together in one page.

Janito is the UK’s one stop shop for all professional and janitorial cleaning supplies with a wide range of cleaning products and solutions in stock. Janito offers quality at low prices, with the cleaning ‘know how’ to back it up.

In addition, Janito also offers cleaning products for both commercial and domestic markets and aims to provide customers with top quality cleaning supplies at the lowest prices available. Janito has a wide range of cleaning equipment in stock and ready for immediate delivery. Have a look and find out what we have for you.

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