Microfiber cleaning products

Thanks to advances in science that Microfiber cleaning products are now available in market. Microfiber products are new but revolutionary in most parts of the world.

However, for many years British and Europeans have been using and taking advantages of microfiber cleaning products. Microfiber used for cleaning is made out of tiny fibers. There are many different quality microfiber products on the market. Janito only use the best quality fibers and appropriate Polyester and Polyamide blend. Our mix is perfect to give users a product that is both absorbent and durable as well as soft enough to use on any surface without scratching. Janito microfibers are split to increase the cloths’ absorbency, giving users a far more efficient clean than regular micro fibers. Microfiber can be used with or without chemicals. Chemicals will not harm the microfiber but are usually unnecessary in most cases. Unlike ordinary cleaning products, that only move or push dirt and dust from one point to another, microfiber cleaning products lift the dirt from the surface and store the particles in the cloth until it is washed. When it is placed in a warm to hot wash, the fiber opens up and releases the dirt into the water.

We suggest you have a look at Janito Web Shop and see what is on display. That will help you make informed decision.

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