Microfiber mops

One cant emphasize enough on cleanliness. The appearance of work or living spaces is vital to the overall perception of a society. Fairly general statement but true. The cleanliness of our living spaces directly affects the attitudes and modes of people and of societies

Cleanliness is not for appearance alone though. We need clean environment for health, environment, quality of living, and yes, also for living clean.

Janitorial professionals say by experience that microfiber mops ore one of the most important cleaning tools. Compared to cotton or looped mops, microfiber removes twice the dirt and dust because the microfibers attract dirt. Technically speaking a microfiber dry mop eliminates the use of dust mop chemicals, addresses bacterial control issues and generally collects more dirt than a conventional dust mop. Dry microfiber mops are also much easier to maintain than cotton mops. In addition to dry mopping, microfiber proves beneficial when used as a wet mop. In a demonstration after mopping with the cotton mop, the same area was mopped again with a microfiber mop and the microfiber picked up a considerable amount of dirt left behind after the initial cleaning, showing its effectiveness. Microfiber mops also help eliminate cross-contamination because new pads are replaced easily after mopping each room or area.

What are you using for mopping?

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