Odor Control

Odor control is essential in living spaces to keep them livable and healthy. Generally speaking, odors are of two types; physical and psychological. Physically, odors are sensed by human senses in the form of vapors or gases. Some odors can be from the physical makeup of a particular substance such as a chemical like skunk or tobacco smoke. Other odors are by-products of a biological process such as spoiled food or urine.

How we think and feel about these odors is  mostly a psychological phenomenon. Factors that influence odors in living spaces include heat, moisture, air movement and light.

Normally users use some sort of deodorizer to remove unwanted odor from any place. This often fails not because of product but the procedures followed in using the product. The first and most important step to successful odor removal is to find the source of the odor and remove it. Thorough cleaning is important after removal of the odor source. Sometimes, thorough cleaning is all that is necessary to effectively eliminate an odor problem.

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