Odor control

Odor control is one of the important processes for healthy and clean environment. There are many techniques and tools for different commercial, industrial or residential facilities.

One basic rule is that never mask odors with fresh scents. Odor will never go away unless the source is removed. Hence, cleaning, getting rid of odor sources, is the first step to control odor. Another rule is clean often and disinfect. BTW, just as important as using a disinfectant is using it properly. Simply spraying and wiping will not do the job. Poor cleaning techniques rather create odor. Like when a mop head smells bad, that odor is being transmitted throughout the space being cleaned. Or if vacuum bags is emptied on a regular basis, it will start spreading odors.

Frequent cleaning is also necessary to effectively remove all odors. More so in places with high traffic. Also it is important to clean items like wastebaskets full of odor-producing sanitary napkins and wet paper towels, as well as office space wastebaskets that may harbor coffee grounds and drippings. >>

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