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A major role of the wholesaler, which is to help everybody down the supply chain including distributors manage their inventory, has remained constant since the start of Business to business model. However, that role now is more critical than it has been in the past because of the continuous economic dip. Everyone including small and large distributors are looking to wholesalers to provide guide lines to stay afloat in times of economic uncertainty. Costs are rising and loan industry as it has become, wholesalers have the leverage to step in and negotiate product prices with manufacturers. This takes the edge off the need to pass down costs on to distributors, who already are looking to reduce operating costs and are being pressed by customers for low-priced products.

With customers looking to purchase low cost alternatives to what they’ve traditionally been purchasing, distributors are afforded the option of tapping into their wholesaler for more items without having to invest more with hopes that it will sell. Janito is constantly in know of the changing market conditions and is forthcoming to help all its existing distributors and the new ones. Ask us if you need help!

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