Right mop for the right surface

Will the auto scrubbers replace the mops and dusters? My answer to that is no. In cleaning business, cleaners will always need a broom and a mop. The auto scrubber is a great tool, especially when used efficiently, but nothing beats a broom and a mop. If it is a small area, cleaners are going to use a mop and broom. If it is a large area or if a toilet overflows in a bathroom, they might pull out their auto scrubber. There will always be a need for both.

In this age, users are looking for what they can do with less work force and still keep things clean. Auto scrubbers are helping them do that. What was done by a team of two or three workers can now be achieved by one person in the same time. But still, auto scrubbers will not ever eliminate the need for mops and brooms altogether.

Mops and brooms are some of the oldest cleaning tools we are so familiar with. Using the right broom and mop can help a lot. Depending on the type of surface being cleaned, expert professional will pick the right string mop or a microfiber mop for the right job. Microfiber, a dense material composed of minute synthetic threads, can get into small cracks and crevices to clean more thoroughly than a cotton mop. Microfiber is also lighter-weight than cotton, thus serving to reduce custodial fatigue when mopping. And while microfiber mop heads may cost more upfront than cotton ones, their cost per use may actually be less because they can be laundered many times — up to 600 times depending on the brand.

Janito, yes this is me, suggests, choose the right cleaning tools and right mop for the right surface.

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