Soil Cleaning

Understanding what works behind the cleaning process will help anyone make an informed decision when choosing the best cleaning product or a solution. It looks utterly simple but cleaning involves many variables; controlled and those that are beyond control. For better understanding of cleaning we first need to know what is soil? What are the problems in its removal?

Soil can be any foreign body not including in the basic construction of an item, be it a factory floor or an office window or kitchan hard top. Soil includes sand, dirt, hair, pollen, food spills, oil and a lot more. Soil is brought in living spaces by human beings on their shoes, clothes, boxes, or in their hands. It can be a by-product of some activity taking place on or near the soiled floor type. It can also come in through air, rain or other natural functions. Again the list is endless.

Each cleaning situation is different and determines the type of tools to be used. What’s more important is that some times, cleaning tools leave behind residue. This residue can cause rapid re-soiling and lessen the appearance of the cleaned surface not to mention the effect on the user or building occupants.

Wise is to know what the nature of cleaning jobs at hand and then select the appropriate cleaning product or solution. That will greatly help you keep clean because the most products are made keeping in mind the real life cleaning situations.

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