Sustainable cleaning solutions

It is not every day that a supplier come along and shift in the focus, but that is exactly what Janito – a supplier of janitorial and cleaning products for professionals – is doing. When consumers are tired of cleaning products that were unhealthy and extremely unsafe, Janito is set out to change the way people view cleaning products.

Some long years in business and having a satisfied users’ base all over the world, Janito has been growing rapidly and expanding globally. Using safe materials in its products and solutions, from each strand of Traditional Kentucky Style Cotton Mops to buckets of our Double Bucket Mopping Trolley, Janito has brought retailers and consumers on board to think forward and move to sustainable (call them green), safe and healthy solutions and cleaning products.

Janito focuses on sustainability by being healthy, green and following responsible practices. The household and commercial cleaning industries are not a dirty business anymore. They have become an essential business processes. A whole lot depends on how clean (and green) you look. Janito is continuously moving toward sustainability, health and wellness by bringing in innovations in design and use of material.

By the way, this has been possible due to shift in focus of our consumers and end users.

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