Janito cleaning is green cleaning

Given the growing awareness about environmental situation and its impact on human beings, most socially responsible businesses are shifting to green cleaning products. Who does not want to play the part in noble cause of environmental protection? Everyone does.

A recent report that crossed my desktop says, “A third of all carbon emissions in the UK come from burning fossil fuels to generate electricity.” But there are things you can easily do to reduce your energy consumption, like switching off lights when you leave a room and not leaving the TV or computers on standby. Change to a green cleaning supplies and use Janito cleaning products. Janito cleaning products are green cleaning products. Janito is putting in big efforts to supply all green products. And that is what makes Janito cleaning a green cleaning.

Best thing is that Janito’s customers can also join in and play their part. This is how? Have your home carbon-neutralised. This is a simple but brilliant idea whereby the amount of carbon dioxide generated by you and your family is calculated and in compensation you invest in reforestation and renewable energy projects. With all the driving we do, did you know how much   global warming gas one single short haul to downtown produces?  Try to plant a tree equal to gases you produce by  driving  in your daily life and  you will end up planting large number of trees. . . . . Read the rest of this article »

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