Chemical Wash Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

Quality microfiber cleaning wipes are the corner stone of any high quality detail and best cleaning performance. With neat microfiber wipes, users can ensure that they do not add any micro-scratches. However if contaminants or other abrasive particles are lodged in the wipe, the microfiber cloth becomes a potentially dangerous tool, which defeats the whole purpose of using microfiber products. Protect your microfiber clothes by caring for them after some use with some good chemical wash (detergent/washing powder) that helps clean and preserve microfiber wipe or cloth quickly and easily.

Microfiber wipes have hundreds of thousands of tiny micro-pores where contaminants are collected. Removing these contaminants is essential to preserving your microfiber cleaning material in the best possible condition. Add small quantity of good quality detergent and rinse, the wipes will come out clean and safe to use again!

Just hand washing microfibers or throwing them in the washing machine with other clothes is wrong. They do not really absorb as well as desired. After washing your microfibers in washing machine, they work better than ever. Try it and share your experience with us! . . . . Read the rest of this article ยป

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