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Recently Mintel’s research Household Cleaning Products: The Market—U.S. June 2010 and May 2008 crossed my desktop and the research report says “today more men do most of the household cleaning than ever before. Whereas 17% were masters of the mop in 2006 that figure now sits at 31%. While not as likely to clean as women over half (55%) of men who do feel a sense of accomplishment, almost the same as women (62%). The findings can be mirrored anywhere in cleaning industry.

Analyses of change in the behavior of consumers and their motivations give an edge to offer gender suitable cleaning products. Which is why Janito and its retailers reach out and communicate with men who like to clean as much as women do?

In this day of constant upgrading and smart technology, nearly every aspect of life can be customized with tools to help things run more smoothly. From smart phones to smart homes, families have evolved and now, so can their approach to cleaning. Janitos offers household cleaning products that make cleaning the home faster, easier and more efficient by removing the hassle of carrying around numerous bulky cleaning supplies. Our products are usually aimed at both men as well as women, but it could be time to put men in the focus as new research shows that the number of men wielding dusters and brooms is on the rise.

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