Unique cleaning situations

In any commercial or residential complex, there are so many cleaning situations. There are so many things to be cleaned every day. Cleaning floors is a challenge for any team of housekeepers. Imagine those wide-open spaces with hard or soft flooring of various heights often crammed with furniture or other different types of permanent fixtures that make job of any cleaner tricky and unique.

With all those different situations to consider, supplying the best floor cleaning equipment to cleaning professionals is, well, challenging to say the least. Cleaning professionals and staff are looking forward to new innovations entering the marketplace as a result of advancements in cleaning technologies and improved cleaning equipment. Professionals demand cleaning equipment with wider configurations, higher-performance and multi-surface applications to meet the needs of many facilities. At the same time users ask for robust and easy to maintain equipment that can be used for longer time.

It is in this milieu that manufacturers and suppliers of cleaning equipment are trying to bring in the best, green as well as cost effective products. Janito is endeavoring to bring the best cleaning products to its old and new (and would be customers) – in ways they want. We at Janito always encourage our clients to discuss their needs and typical cleaning situations with us so that we can bring most suitable cleaning equipment for your unique situation.

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