Vacuum maintenance

Janitorial staff and cleaning professionals agree that the wet and dry vacuum can be used in any living space and in any situation. In addition to the natural disasters (we see them occurring more and more), one of the more common methods of use is following rain storms.

Liquid recovery is accomplished in different ways. In addition to general floor care, many professionals have experienced benefits using the wet and dry vacuums to recover stripping and refinishing chemicals. According to manufacturers, with proper filtration and cleaning after use, the stripping agent will not affect the functionality of the vacuum machine. Simply rinse the recovery tanks, squeegees and hoses, then leave the equipment open to dry properly.

Just like any other piece of equipment, properly cleaning the vacuum after use is the single most important maintenance or care you can perform. Not doing this will reduce the life of your vacuum. With simple maintenance, wet and dry vacuums can withstand the elements, increasing productivity within departments and ultimately saving valuable budget dollars. According to one manufacturer, even if used only once a year, the labor cost saved will offset the initial cost of the wet and dry vacuum. Labor is the most expensive component of any custodial staff. If you can reduce the labor, you will see money savings in the long run.

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