Your Feedback is Valuable to us.

Modern science is moving very fast, and no manufacturer can exist for long with a program based on old facilities and practices; more so manufacturers of cleaning products that are used by everyone. Innovation and renewal are required to keep any product in the market. Also in this age when the consumer has the power of internet and are much more sensitive about their choices, they  shop online and use whatever they want  and buy from wherever they want. This is why cleaning products are now based upon innovation in technology, design, materials, marketing and much more. There are so many players involved in the process of providing cleaning solutions that consumers see in the market. A lot goes behind the scene.

Segments of the industry like suppliers of material, designers, engineers and environmentalists work together to come up with cleaning products and solutions that hit the shelves. In addition to research, Janito also takes into account it’s users feedback and actively solicits their advice.

Janito invites you – our valued customers and users of our cleaning products and solutions – to send us your experiences and share any concern you may have. Let us assure you that your voice will be heard and you will see the results in our products and services.  Contact Us . . . . . .

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